Hi, I'm Chung 👋🏽

I'm a Senior Tech Recruiter & People Analytics Partner at Jimdo,
Co-host of the Business Intelligence Meetup Hamburg group and Programmer at heart ❤️. I'm a student of Computer Science, Art, and Philosophy.


How to build a Recruiting Dashboard   20 Jul 2021

This project started as a small personal side project. My main purpose for it was to give myself an excuse to learn NodeJS and improve my programming skills. Fast forward a couple of months later, we use my dashboards in recruitment meetings to gain deeper insights and I’m collaborating with the Data Department to make more advanced recruiting and HR dashboards accessible for the whole organization.

The Recruitment-Confusion-Matrix and your Right to be Wrong   22 Jul 2020

In this article I want to elaborate on a reality in recruitment, which is often left out of the conversation, but actually makes up the biggest chunk of our work. I want to talk about wrong decisions, specifically from a recruiter’s perspective. As a matter of fact, as a recruiter, you are more often wrong than you a right. Numbers don’t lie. So don’t trust your gut feeling!

How to become a better Tech Recruiter   24 Mar 2020

First of all, do you need in depth knowledge about computer science or software development in order to be a great tech recruiter? Absolutely not. But can an enhanced understanding about computer science and software development be a major advantage for you as a tech recruiter? Absolutely!

Vanguards of Culture   01 Aug 2019

Humans are full of inconsistency, and so is very order we created. Cultures (wether we talk about companies, societies, civilisations) are human inventions which urge us to act, think and value things in a certain way. These “artificial instincts” called culture enable us to cooperate with millions of unknown individuals. But no culture or human created order is in and of itself “complete” but full of contradictions. You find these contradictions even in the highest intellectual achievements of our species like maths and physics.

Public Speaking   15 Mar 2019

In my opinion, public speaking is the single biggest career-hack. Good public speakers get disproportionately rewarded. But there is no correlation between being a good public speaker and having the best ideas or being the most competent person. Becoming one of the most competent persons in your field is admirable. But probably much harder to achieve than learning how to become a decent public speaker. Having decent ideas and presenting them well will have more impact on your professional career than developing cutting edge ideas but not being able to present them to a big audience.